We’re here to help you breathe easy knowing

There is a path to permanent profitability.

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    At TLJ Consulting, we work directly with financial advisors, realtors and other service providers to reduce your stress, pay yourself more and love your business again.

What We Believe


No business is created equal and neither are your finances. We are experts in tailoring strategic growth plans custom to your business.

Together, our team partners with your businesses to implement the custom plan to ensure frustrations around cash flow, savings and profitability are eliminated and a clear path for profitable growth is established. We understand being a small business owner is no easy feat but we’re here to help you breathe easy knowing there is a path to permanent profitability.

At TLJ Consulting we believe in educating you along the way to understand the ‘why’ behind your numbers. We provide industry specific targets and best practices to give you the most complete picture of your financial health.

Whether your company is in the black and ready to grow or digging to get out of debt, we are here to walk you down the path to success. There are often difficult decisions you have to make about your business and we want to make those decisions simple.


About the Owner

Tracy Jepson is a Small Business Strategist, Certified Mastery Profit First Professional, and CEO of Jepson Solutions, LLC.

With 15 years of experience in small business administration, Tracy understands the unique needs that companies face, especially in those critical first five years. As a small business strategist, Tracy helps her clients understand their numbers and how they impact the overall health of their business. She develops a strategic plan based on industry best practices to support her client’s growth goals and then meets with them on a monthly basis to ensure they achieve those goals and ultimately get out of debt.

Tracy is expanding her business by sharing her expertise to everyday entrepreneurs and start-up business owners via her signature Path to Profit System. This multi dimensional approach, helps entrepreneurs create a profit-focused foundation for their business so they can effectively manage their cash flow, get out of debt, and create a sustainable business.

Media Appearances
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How to Uplevel Your Clients with Tracy Jepson

In this coaching call, I help her find clarity on how she can up-level her clients and focus on what she enjoys working on the most. 


Putting Profit First with Consultant Tracy Jepson

Every business relies on profit to stay afloat and one Kansas State grad is helping small businesses around the country maximize their operation. Tracy Jepson, CEO of TLJ Consulting, joins us on The Small Business, Big Deal Podcast to share some of her processes and advice for putting profit first, insight into the mistakes owners commonly make, and the lessons she’s learned for her own operation.

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Epic Growth for CPAs

Adding Advisory Services and the Power of Niching Down. Interview with Tracy Jepson on She Thinks Big Podcast

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Real Estate 101

Tracy's interview with Karey Brown of EXP Realty, Preferred Advisors Team. Three tips every seasoned realtor needs to know about finances

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TK Business Live!

Tara Dimick's radio interview with Tracy on TK Business Live

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TK Business Magazine - Spring 2019

Tracy's Article in TK Magazine, "Every Business Needs a Bookkeeper"

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Universal Accounting

Tracy's conversation with Roger Kencht, President of Universal Accounting. Starting and growing an advisory firm.

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Making the Transition to Advisory Services

Join me for my appearance on the Grow My Accounting Practice Podcast with Mike Michalowicz and and Ron Saharyan!

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What's your Value Builder Score?

Our research shows that companies achieving a score of 80+ out of a possible 100 get offers that are 71% higher than the average company. Whether you want to sell soon or run your business for decades, getting and growing your score makes economic sense and there is no better time to start than now.