Raise your prices

budget couple

Business owners, lean in.

And listen carefully.

If you were to ask my husband what is the one thing he overhears me say over and over to clients, his answer would be — “RAISE YOUR PRICES!!!”

I have begged my beyond incredible stylist for over a YEAR to raise her prices. She is way too good for how little she charges. I try to tip significantly more to make up the difference.

I have been looking for someone to teach vocal lessons. I’ve sent multiple messages, emails and left FB comments. Nobody got back to me. So I made one last attempt and when the gal told me her ridiculously low price per hour, I agreed to the lessons as long as she will let me help her with her business — and she would agree to raise her prices.

If you are not paying yourself your prices are probably not high enough and likely you are way out of whack in your spending. Check my post yesterday on how to fix this.

You are valuable.

You are in demand.

People need you.

If you say things like “people won’t pay that” or “my clients would stop using me”, I would tell you that you are looking for or have the wrong clients and we can fix that too.


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