IRS Pentalties Suck


IRS penalties really suck. Nobody is denying this.

As a business owner, the IRS expects you to know when all the things are due, how much they cost and how to file them appropriately.

But, you don’t know what you don’t know. So how do you know when and how to do all the things the IRS wants?

By teaming up with a professional number master you put yourself in a position to avoid the IRS hoops and loops.

Some reminders for working with your bookkeeper/accountant/CPA:

📌Your number master cannot work their magic without accurate and timely information from you. Banking info, payroll data, new account creation, spending on personal credit cards — it’s all important and number masters need to know these things!

📌Hiring a number guru is not an instant fix-all and work by you and your team is still required.

📌They can’t care more about your business than you do.

📌Ask Questions! We want you to know as much about your numbers and how to use them in your business as possible.

📌Numbers don’t judge. If you are embarrassed about your situation or the chaos in your numbers, don’t worry. Your numbers are just numbers and that’s what an accounting professional is there to help with.Feeling bad about where your books are is no reason to avoid hiring a professional.


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